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Our consulting services

At ChipSense solutions, we offer consultancy services in the field of CMOS Image Sensors, offering tailored solutions to assist fabless companies in developing their specific CMOS Image Sensor designs.

With our expertise and industry-leading knowledge, we aim to empower your company to bring innovative imaging solutions to the market.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing insightful guidance and tailored solutions to assist you at every stage of your CMOS Image Sensor development journey. Whether you need assistance with concept evaluation, technology selection, circuit design, layout optimization, process integration, or performance analysis, we are here to help.

By leveraging our industry expertise and in-depth understanding of CMOS Image Sensors, we can provide valuable insights, strategic advice, and practical recommendations to optimize your design, enhance performance, and accelerate your development process.

Explore our consultancy services below to learn more about how we can collaborate and support your fabless company in successfully navigating the complexities of CMOS Image Sensor development.


Chip architecture and design

Have you ever considered which pixel design is the most suitable for your CMOS Image Sensor? Are you unsure about the optimal pixel size or the type of column amplifier to use? Do you have questions about the analog processing functions that should be assimilated or the appropriate ADC for your design?

Our Chip Architecture and Design Consultancy Service is here to address all these questions and more.

But it doesn't stop there. We also provide guidance on which digital (logic) functions to assimilate into your CMOS Image Sensor. Whether it's image processing algorithms, data compression techniques, or advanced control mechanisms, our consultants can help you determine the optimal digital functionalities for your specific application.

In addition, we assist in evaluating whether on-chip memory is needed to store image data or calibration parameters. Our consultants analyze your requirements and provide recommendations on the appropriate memory size and organization for efficient data handling.

When it comes to control signals, we help you assess the extent of programmability needed. Our consultants guide you in determining the level of flexibility and configurability required for controlling various aspects of your CMOS Image Sensor. We provide insights into programmable control signal architectures, enabling you to make informed decisions about the level of customization and adaptability required.

By engaging our Chip Architecture and Design Consultancy Service, you gain access to our extensive knowledge and industry insights, enabling you to make informed decisions on critical aspects of CMOS Image Sensor development. We are dedicated to assisting you in creating the most suitable and high-performing Image Sensor tailored to your specific needs.


Tapeout and FAB interface

At ChipSense Solutions, we recognize the critical importance of a smooth transition from chip design to manufacturing for CMOS Image Sensors. With our Tapeout and FAB Interface service, we provide comprehensive support to guide you through the intricacies of this process, ensuring a successful transition from design to fabrication.

Process Flow: Our experienced team works closely with fabrication facilities (FABs) and foundries, meticulously analyzing the process flow to ensure the optimal manufacturing of your CMOS Image Sensor. We collaborate with FAB engineers to understand the specific process steps, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize the flow to enhance the overall efficiency and yield of your design.

DRC/LVS Verification: Design Rule Checking (DRC) and Layout versus Schematic (LVS) verification are crucial steps in the tapeout process. Our experts perform thorough DRC and LVS verifications, meticulously analyzing your design files to ensure compliance with the fabrication rules and accurate translation of the layout into the expected circuitry. By conducting rigorous verifications, we minimize the risk of errors and optimize the manufacturability of your CMOS Image Sensor.

Mask Data Verification: We understand the significance of accurate mask data in the fabrication process. Our team conducts meticulous mask data verifications, ensuring that the data is error-free, properly aligned with the design intent, and meets the specific requirements of the fabrication facility. Through rigorous verification processes, we safeguard against potential discrepancies and enhance the quality of the masks used in manufacturing.

Wafer Splits: The division of wafers into splits is a critical consideration in the manufacturing process. Our experts collaborate with the FAB to determine the optimal wafer splitting strategy based on factors such as chip size, yield considerations, and cost-efficiency. By carefully planning and coordinating wafer splits, we maximize the utilization of wafers, optimize yield, and minimize production costs.

Through our Tapeout and FAB Interface service, we ensure a seamless transition from design to fabrication, addressing critical aspects such as process flow, DRC/LVS verification, mask data verification, and wafer splits. By leveraging our expertise and close collaboration with fabrication facilities, we facilitate a successful tapeout and enable the efficient and reliable manufacturing of your CMOS Image Sensor design.

Partner with ChipSense Solutions for our Tapeout and FAB Interface service, and let us guide you through the complexities of the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality and optimal performance of your CMOS Image Sensor.


Post silicon testing and debug

At ChipSense Solutions, we understand that thorough testing, characterization, and precise debugging are critical steps in ensuring the optimal performance and reliability of CMOS Image Sensors. With our Post Silicon Testing and Debug Consultancy service, we offer comprehensive support and guidance to validate, fine-tune, and optimize your chip after manufacturing.

CIS Chip First Images: Getting the first image from a new-born image sensor, right after it returns from the packaging house, is a significant challenge for many companies. They often struggle to achieve this crucial milestone successfully. At ChipSense Solutions, our consultancy service specializes in helping you overcome these challenges. We provide expert guidance and support to ensure the successful capture of the first image from your new-born CMOS Image Sensor.

Test and Characterization Strategy: Our consultancy service involves developing a comprehensive test and characterization strategy for your CMOS Image Sensor. We collaborate with you to define the specific performance metrics, target operating conditions, and relevant testing methodologies. With our expertise in CMOS Image Sensors, we guide you in selecting appropriate testing techniques, methodologies, and test structures to ensure comprehensive characterization and accurate assessment of your chip's performance.

Debugging Support: In the event that any performance or functionality issues are identified during testing and characterization, we provide expert guidance and support in the debugging process. We work closely with you to analyze the chip's behavior, review design elements, and provide recommendations on debugging strategies. Our aim is to help you identify the root causes of the issues and develop effective solutions, leveraging our deep understanding of CMOS Image Sensor design and debugging techniques.

Metal Fix Recommendations: If any metal layer-related issues are identified during testing or characterization, we provide consultancy support in addressing these concerns. We analyze the metal layer design and collaborate with you to develop recommendations and solutions to mitigate the impact on performance and functionality. Our consultancy service includes providing guidance on metal layer modifications and optimizations to ensure the optimal functioning of your CMOS Image Sensor.

With our Post Silicon Testing and Debug Consultancy service, you benefit from our expertise, industry knowledge, and guidance in validating, optimizing, and addressing concerns with your CMOS Image Sensor design. We strive to deliver exceptional results, enabling you to achieve the highest level of performance and reliability.

Partner with ChipSense Solutions for our Post Silicon Testing and Debug Consultancy service, and let us leverage our consultancy expertise to guide you through the validation, optimization, and debugging processes of your CMOS Image Sensor. Together, we will ensure the success of your project and the satisfaction of your specific requirements.

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